Welcome to's official documentation.

About us is a RESTful API serving fully SFW and high quality anime images and GIFs.

We focus on giving the best experience for our users and their projects, for free.


8 reasons to switch to us:

  1. No authorization needed. Not even an API key.

  2. Wide variety of endpoints. We currently have 35 of them.

  3. Our API is fully SFW. You will never worry about NSFW/lewd images or GIFs.

  4. Organized assets. Images and GIFs are separated based by their category.

  5. Fast response times and 99.9% uptime. For projects that stability and performance matters.

  6. CORS is enabled for those who want to use our collection on their websites.

  7. Crediting creators of their work is very important for us. That's why you get everything you need about the origin of the images and GIFs.

  8. We listen to our community and their feedback.

Do you need help? Do you have any suggestions or feedback?

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We accept suggestions and feedback in the Discord Server and via email

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