The official API documentation.

ABOUT US is an Anime Images and Role-Playing GIFs REST API. We exist since February 2021.
Our focus is to provide fast and fully SFW Images and GIFs for developers, everything for free and without an API key.


The main reason why you should use is, that we focus on being completely SFW, so that you don’t need to worry about lewd or NSFW images coming up your project.
The second reason is, that we provide all the sources you need, for example: If you request, you will get the original source image link, the Artist Name and their Pixiv profile. Also, when requesting GIFs endpoints like, you will also get the Englified Japanese Names.
The third reason is speed and uptime, our server is located in the United States like most of the Servers, so that you will get fastest responds times. And with an 99.9% Uptime, you can be sure that everything will work as you want.
The fourth reason is CORS, yes, we have CORS enabled, so you can use the content on your website.

Do you need help? Any suggestions?

Make sure to join our Discord Server where we can help you with our API.
You can also suggest your suggestion in the Discord Server.
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